Winter is not exactly a good season for summer triathletes. The snow and the cold weather make it impossible to enjoy outdoors training. All you can do is look longingly through the window and wish you had a magic wand so that you could magic the winter season away. But alas, there is nothing you can do. 

Or is there? 

Yes, actually, there is.

You can train on an indoor bike trainer.

It may not be as sexy as riding your cool bike at breakneck speeds on your favorite training route, but it does keep you in form during the winter season. In fact, indoor training on a bike stand does have a few advantages over your outdoor training regimen. 

Here are a few of them to convince you to take your indoor bike trainer more seriously. 

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Indoor Bike Trainer

1. Fewer Distractions

Training indoors has the advantage of having fewer distractions. This means you can focus completely on the issue at hand – training for that early season triathlon. Outdoor training has the disadvantage of having a lot of distractions, some easy to ignore while others are difficult to avoid. These distractions mean that your mind is not 100% in the training, reducing your actual performance.

2. Consistent Effort

Admit it. Every now and again, you enjoy coasting down the road on your bike as you train. I mean, who doesn’t? Coasting is one of the perks of cycling, isn’t it? But coasting has the disadvantage of giving you an inconsistent workout. This is where an indoor bike trainer takes the cup – it won’t allow you to coast. 

While some high-end trainers have been designed to simulate downhill rides, most indoor bike trainers will force you to work throughout the ride. That consistent effort alone is enough to make you take your indoor bike training more seriously. It is one of the factors that makes indoor training more efficient. 

And because the conditions indoors are always constant, it gives you the perfect opportunity to do test sets and gauge your progress. Outdoor trial rides are easily affected by weather conditions, for example, and won’t give you consistent results.

3. No Need to Contend with Traffic

If you live in the city, outdoor training can be frustrating as you will have to ride in traffic. Even if you do your riding at night or on quiet roads, you will never be able to get that consistent ride required for a perfect workout. It is for this very reason that many pro riders are focusing more and more on indoor bike trainers like the Kinetic Road Machine and other reliable and efficient bike trainers.

4. Compete in an Ironman Event – Indoors

With the technological advancements in the indoor bike trainer industry moving at break-neck speeds, it has now become possible for you to use simulation to ride an Ironman course while on an indoor bike trainer. This gives you a very good way of perfecting your ride using actual competition routes. It also helps you condition your mind for the real event as the virtual reality simulation actually puts you in the race.

5. Perfect Timing

When it comes to training, timing is everything – timing yourself, that is. Indoor bike training affords you the optimum conditions to accurately record and track your time. With the Wahoo Kickr, recording your metrics has never been easier as it has a ton of features that allow you to measure your performance metrics (such as speed, cadence, distance, and power) using its own onboard software or third-party apps. 

Who said indoor bike training wasn’t cool? 

Indoor Bike Trainer – Fad or Fool-Proof Training System?

Looking at the increasing number of people joining spin classes, buying bike stands, and spending time training indoors even in warm seasons, it seems as if it’s a fad that is just doing the rounds. But, is it just a fad or is it a justifiable way of getting your required workout? 

There are a lot of different views on this one from professional riders and trainers. But with professional riders vouching for the effectiveness of the indoor bike trainer, it could be evidence of the efficiency and value of indoor bike trainers. They may not be as fun to ride as a real outdoor bike, but they sure do have a lot of benefits to justify their regular use – in and out of season. 

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