If there’s one thing athletes hate about winter, it’s the hamster wheel. Yes, I mean the treadmill. Although many runners consider it the consolation prize when it comes to running practice, it’s not as bad as it’s made out to be. Treadmill training can actually give you a dimension of training that will help improve your running. Don’t underestimate it.

Benefits of Treadmill Training

Let’s quickly run our paces through the benefits of treadmill training, shall we? I’m hoping by the end of this, you’ll fall in love with the treadmill, or at least give it the respect it deserves.

Control Your Pace

One of the biggest benefits of treadmill training is that it allows you to control and monitor your pace. Certain workouts require specific pacing, and this is where the treadmill comes in handy. Even if the weather is favorable, running paces on a treadmill will put you in perfect control of the paces you put in. 

The treadmill also allows you to discover your running pace. Sometimes runners find it difficult to understand their race pace by rote feeling. With a treadmill, you can easily master your race pace, allowing you to skillfully pace yourself on the track.

Set Your Incline

Most triathlons don’t run on flat, smooth roads. Most of them have an incline as part of the challenge. This poses a challenge in your training if the venue of the race is not near enough for you to go and practice there. 

This is a challenge the treadmill can help you overcome. Treadmills come with incline adjustments which you can set to imitate the incline on your running route. It may not be exactly perfect but it will help you condition yourself for the incline, giving you an edge come race day. Consider a Nordictrack treadmill if you want to get the best incline angle out of a treadmill.

Determine Your Distance

The ability to set your distance goals and achieve them is very important for runners, especially long-distance runners – and a treadmill helps you do that easily. Although the “long distance” run on a treadmill may be boring, you can still keep it interesting by changing the incline and pace every now and again. And the best part? You get to run far while you’re in your own home.

Improves Your Endurance

A treadmill is one of the best endurance improvement training programs at your disposal. In fact, the one major reason that turns most people away from treadmill training is one of the reasons you should turn to a treadmill for help. Yes, I’m talking about the boring factor. Training on a “boring” treadmill is actually beneficial to you – it builds your endurance. 

3 Main Things to Look Out for When Buying a Treadmill

The major advantage that a treadmill offers is the possibility of training whatever time you want. You don’t have to worry about the commute to the gym in bad weather or limiting your time because someone else wants a turn on the treadmill. 

A personal treadmill is a great investment for those who take their training seriously and want the freedom to train when and where they want to. But before you go and purchase your treadmill, here are a few things you need to consider in order to make an informed decision.

1. Bells and Whistles

Many people consider extras last when purchasing anything, but when it comes to buying a treadmill, I strongly suggest you look at the extras that come with the treadmill first. Why? Easy. Most basic treadmills won’t provide a professional athlete with the data and feedback they need to make a workout as effective as possible. 

A good model will provide you with extras such as a wireless heart rate monitors (these are not as restrictive as the ones set in the bars), and programmable workouts. Think of the ProForm treadmill, especially the Pro Series in this category. They have a lot of cool features and apps that will help you maximize your workout. It’s actually like having your coach right beside you.

2. Noise

When looking for a treadmill, make sure to get one with very low noise levels. This is especially so if you love listening to music or watching TV to keep yourself motivated during a workout routine. Also, because you will be using your treadmill at home, a silent treadmill won’t bother the other occupants of your house.

3. Horsepower

Look for a treadmill with greater horsepower for continuous use – 3hp is a good one.

Off Season Isn’t Slack Season

Just because you are offseason doesn’t mean you have an excuse to shelve your training sessions. Maintain your fitness levels so that you won’t struggle to get your form back when you get back to your normal workout routine. A treadmill is a great accessory that will help you maintain your form, no matter the season or the weather.

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