Why swim blind?

The right pair of swimming goggles can do a lot for your performance in the water. Good swim goggles can help you enjoy your time in the pool more. They could make all the difference between winning or losing a race.

Whatever type you choose, once you have a good pair of swimming goggles, you can reap big rewards in the water.

Why Wear Swimming Goggles?

It’s not easy to see underwater, particularly in chlorinated pools. Finding goggles that simply protect your eyes is only the beginning.

There is much more to consider, depending on how you will use your goggles, be it outdoors, in competition or in deeper water.

In any case, it’s worth finding a good pair, as there are multiple benefits to be gained, including:

Excellent Eye Protection

Swimming pools are full of chemicals. While they are meant to keep the water clean and sanitary, they aren’t especially friendly to your eyes. You’ve no doubt felt the sting of chlorine before. It’s not pleasant.

With swim goggles on, your eyes will be protected, preventing any irritation or harmful reaction. This will leave you free to enjoy your time swimming.

Enhanced Underwater Vision

While keeping your eyes safe is arguably the best benefit of goggles, this is a close second. Being able to see clearly underwater transforms your experience in the pool.

Your confidence will grow as you swim underwater with goggles, as you’re suddenly able to swim more comfortably, enjoying greater freedom as you gaze around under the surface, unhindered and unrestricted.

Improved performance

With swim goggles on, you’ll now be able to swim faster, confidently moving through the water without colliding blindly with other swimmers.

Doing lengths will be easier, which will lead to improved fitness and cardio. As competition rolls around, you’ll be much more prepared.

Important Considerations with Swimming Goggles

Just picking up the first pair of goggles you find might not work out. There are many different options available.

When it comes to the best types of swimming goggles, it’s hard to look past Speedo goggles. This brand is heavily favored by professional competitors, with many Olympic gold medalists loyal to the brand.

Before you buy a pair, keep the following in mind.

Consider the Depth

Due to water pressure, your swimming goggles will only work to a certain depth. Better brands will go a little further, but generally speaking, you should use a diving mask if you want to go far underwater.

Find the Right Fit

It’s not much good if your goggles fill with water the moment you break the surface. Shop around, try multiple pairs on and find the ones that fit snugly on your face. Test them out if possible before buying, making sure they are completely watertight and comfortable to wear.

If You Wear Lenses, Try Prescription Goggles

If you have sight issues, it won’t be easy swimming underwater. Entering an already blurry environment with blurred vision can be a tricky endeavor. Contact lens tends to cause irritation at the best of times, especially if worn inside goggles.

Luckily, there is an alternative option. Prescription goggles have spherical lenses called diopters, which come in varying strengths. You can look for one that is close to your normal contact lens or glasses to make swimming a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Why You Shouldn’t Always Rely on Swimming Goggles

While there is a lot to be gained from wearing goggles, there is a major caveat that cannot be overlooked.

Especially not by parents of young children.

Typically, young children learn to swim with goggles, which seems like a smart idea as it will give them confidence and protect their eyes.

However, when you consider that 85% of drowning deaths involving children under the age of 4 happen because the child accidentally fell into the water, there is clearly a problem.

The problem is that many children have learned to swim only with goggles. Never without.

As a result, they feel they can’t swim without goggles. When faced with the blurry underworld and stinging sensation in their eyes, they panic.

The Bottom Line on Swim Goggles

Make sure your child has plenty of chances to enter the water without swim goggles. This will help them adapt to the reality of being underwater without eye protection. Help them adjust and cope with swimming without goggles, as well as with them.

With this instinct ingrained from a young age, there will be no reliance on goggles. Therefore, getting a good pair of Speedo goggles down the line will surely be to enhance the experience or performance.

Even if you don’t opt for an expensive brand, make sure to find a pair that fits well, and if needs be, consider prescription goggles.

Getting the perfect pair of swimming goggles will make your trips to the pool and ocean all the more enjoyable and exciting.

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