Running in the right gear is an awesome experience. Running in the wrong gear can be a nightmare. That is why you need not skimp on your running gear. For example, running shoes are your direct contact with the ground and need to be of very good quality. After the running shoes, your socks are your next contact point to the ground, meaning you also need to invest in a very good pair of running socks. Socks? Yes, socks. And not just any old pair of socks, the best running socks you can find. Let me tell you why.

Why Running Socks are an Important Part of Your Running Gear

Don’t despise the impact that a pair of socks can have on your running performance. They may be small in size but their impact is huge. Your choice (or lack of it) of running socks can make a world of difference between a comfortable, pleasant, pain-free run and a painful, torturous one. The wrong type of socks can encourage blisters, chafing, corns, and the dreaded athlete’s foot. 

The right pair of socks, on the other hand, will transform the way your feet feel, giving you a more pleasant run. You’ll definitely be surprised at what a simple change of socks will do for you and your running. Whether you’re looking for the best running socks for men or the best running socks for women, there are a few things you will have to look out for so as to help you make an informed decision.

What Makes the Best Running Shoes?

Before I tell you what makes the best running shoes, let me tell what doesn’t make a good pair of socks. The biggest “no, no” when it comes to running socks is 100% cotton. Stay away from cotton socks at all costs. Avoid them like the plague because they may just end up causing a plague – not really but they may cause a fungus to grow on you. 

The biggest disadvantage that cotton has as a material for running socks is that it is a great absorber of moisture. That may sound good but that’s only half the story. Cotton is also very good at retaining moisture. This means when you sweat in your cotton running socks, the socks will retain the sweat, not only making you uncomfortable but creating a good environment for bacteria and fungi to breed in. 

So what makes the best running socks? Let me give you 3 things to look for as you hunt for your next pair of running socks.

Synthetic Materials Make the Some of Best Running Socks

The best running socks are those made from synthetic materials such as polyester, and acrylic. This is because synthetic materials don’t retain moisture, even though they are good at absorbing it. On the contrary, they are very good at dissipating moisture – they are hydrophobic. This means when you step in a puddle or sweat, synthetic running socks will draw away that moisture from your feet and quickly dissipate it, leading them to dry very quickly.

Look for Socks that Breathe

Ventilation is a very important quality to look for in a pair of socks. Socks that allow air to flow freely keep your feet feeling cool and fresh. When your feet don’t receive a good flow of air, it increases the chances of sweating and irritations.

Look for Padded Socks

Padded socks offer extra comfort to your feet and are especially good for long runs. Running socks with padded heels will help you run further as the extra comfort means your feet won’t tire quickly.

Don’t Disqualify Natural Fibers

Now, I know I said cotton is to be avoided at all costs when it comes to running socks, but that doesn’t mean you should disqualify natural fibers altogether. Some of the best socks available are made from natural fibers such as wool, bamboo, and coconut. Even though some natural fibers can cause some irritations, advancements in technology have made it possible to eliminate the irritants in natural fibers. The biggest advantage that natural fibers have is that they are good thermo-regulators, meaning they are good at maintaining body temperature. Natural fibers also have good anti-bacterial properties, making them some of the best athletic socks for people with foot ailments such as athlete’s foot.

Do Yourself a Favor – Get the Best Running Socks

When it comes to running socks, you’ll definitely be doing yourself and your feet a favor by taking your time to get a couple of pairs that not only fit comfortably, but that will take good care of your feet as well. If you haven’t been running in the proper socks, give running socks a try. It will make a world of difference.

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