Whether you live a sedentary lifestyle or exercise regularly, your body needs energy to keep going. There are a few fundamental things you can do to keep the engines running, such as maintaining a healthy diet and getting a good night’s sleep.

However, taking energy supplements will allow you to move to the next level. Not only will you get an energy boost during the day, but you will be better prepared for any training or sports.

Whether it’s a pre-workout drink or vitamins for energy, there are many options available. Once you get started, you’ll notice big changes in your mind and body.


Types of Energy Supplements

There is a plethora of options available, which gives you a choice of what to use, depending on your needs and what you’re comfortable with.



A morning coffee will fire up your energy levels, increase your metabolism and allow you to kickstart any task. While there are caffeine supplements, it’s best to opt for natural sources such as coffee or tea.



This caffeinated herb is reputed to help with mental strain, particularly in young adults. The problem with too much caffeine, is that it can disrupt your sleeping pattern. So, with that in mind, you may want to skip on this herb if you already enjoy a daily coffee.



Our pineal gland produces natural melatonin when it gets dark, which helps us sleep. Some people who have low melatonin levels suffer from fatigue. Taking supplements helps deliver an energy boost, which can improve blood sugar levels, sleep quality and even weight.


Vitamin B12

B12 supplements are popular as our bodies can’t produce it, despite the fact that every cell in our bodies needs the vitamin for energy metabolism. While the best natural sources of B12 like red meat, dairy and fish will give you what you need, taking vitamins for energy is both safe and beneficial for training purposes.


Coenzyme Q10

This enzyme is crucial for energy creation at a cellular level, with a deficiency inevitably leading to fatigue. If the shortage is serious, complications like high blood pressure, imbalances in blood sugar and stomach ulcers can arise. Taking a CoQ10 supplement is a good way to keep everything on an even keel.


Benefits of Energy Supplements

When it comes to putting unusual substances into our bodies, there is understandably a sense of trepidation. But, with the advancements in research and medicine, we’ve learnt a lot about the most effective and efficient energy supplements.

The reality is, there is much to be gained, and little to be concerned about, so long as you know the facts.


They are Healthy

Coffee is a natural source, but the caffeine will wear off, possibly leaving you feeling lethargic. Simple energy drinks are often loaded with sugar and additives that are more harm than good. With an organic energy supplement, you can gain a sustained energy boost that is actually good for your health.


They Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress is inevitable, regardless of what walk of life you’re on. If you have a high-pressure job or young children, chances are you’ll feel fatigued or stressed more often than you would like. Taking energy supplements help to counter these problems, leaving you feeling ready to take on whatever comes next.


They Offer Important Nutrients

Depending on your diet, you may not be getting certain nutrients you need to maintain your lifestyle. With a B12 supplement or good pre-workout supplement, you can plug the gaps. This is useful for vegetarians, enabling them to get what they miss out on from their limited diet.


What Else You Can Do For Energy

Energy comes from consuming calories. If you really want to keep it natural, there are a few things you can do:

  • If you need a pre-workout boost, enjoy a healthy snack such as almonds, fruit or yoghurt.
  • Water is vital and having a glass or two can give you the energy boost you need when you’re feeling low.
  • A good sleeping pattern that guarantees you 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night will go a long way to making sure you have the energy to last the day.
  • Staying active helps your body, even if it’s only 20-30 minutes of physical activity every day. Consider your personal situation, your job, your body and age. Speak with a doctor in case you have any health problems worth considering.
  • Find ways to reduce stress. Identify the stressors in your life and figure out how to cut them out. This will stop your energy levels being zapped through anger or frustration.

Ultimately, you can maintain solid energy levels with some changes in your life. However, if you need a helping hand, energy supplements are safe and healthy.

Whether you need to perform better in the gym, on the football field or just have enough juice to play around with the kids in the garden after a tough day at work, energy supplements can give you the energy boost you need to keep going.

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